Print Wagon 2.0 Fundraiser


Print Wagon

After 4 years of travelling the UK and Europe my 'Wagon' is beginning to show it's age, I am distraught at the idea of leaving Mark 1 behind but I am realizing now that for the idea of Print Wagon to survive I need to upgrade and with your help the Print Wagon can reach it's full potential. 

I am aiming to raise £5000 to help kick-start Print Wagon 2, that money will go towards purchasing a new Wagon and attempting to create an all purpose 'Gallery On Wheels' that showcases a wider range of artistic goodies that blur the lines between fine art and illustration, from exhibiting limited edition Fine art prints to T-shirts, mugs, hand-crafted printed puppets and of course I will continue to engage with the public and perform live printmaking demonstrations whilst dressed in my trademark shirt and  bow-tie.